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We are a group of American scholars and data science experts authorized by The American Order of International Experts and The Institute for Certification of Computing Professionals to offer training, workshops, and ICCP certificates and TAOIE badges to those who pass the required professional certificate exams.

Members of the Data Science Learning and Certification Center believe in ‘Education Without Borders’ and have signed collaborative agreements with prominent international agencies to train their staff and certify them.

We offer a large number of courses, workshops, boot camps, and certification exams that you can choose from. These training and certification programs include the most current career-driven IT branches, including data science, block chains, data governance, big data, and business intelligence.

Most students who passed our data science and big certificates are assisted to get jobs in the data science field.

For further information, please contact our director in charge at director@dslcc.org.


    Become a Data Scientist

In order to become a Data Scientist, follow 3 steps:

1. Learn data analytics

2. Enroll in our Data Scientist boot camp to prepare for the ICCP certificate

3. Enroll with us to take and pass the ICCP Data Scientist Certificate